Rev3 Knoxville – Weekend Report

Rev3 Knoxville was a great time for so many reason other than the race, I didn’t want them to get watered down in a race report.  In no particular order…

  • I had a great time traveling, bunking, racing, eating, drinking and so on with my friend Tyler.  Pffttt! To all you other suckas who bailed on the weekend, ‘cause jokes on you.  we had a blast.  Seriously, thanks for putting up with me and congrats on a great race. I’m very happy for you and looking forward to CDA!
  • Tyler and I had the extreme pleasure of sitting next to Mr. Greg Bennett on the flight to Knoxville.  What an outstanding guy, I could list a bunch of adjectives, but I just hope you get the chance to experience something like it some day.  To spend the better part of three hours just shooting the shit with one of the best professional in our sport was truly amazing.  Both Tyler and I tried to be respectful of his time and privacy, but he didn’t seem to care at all.  Oh, and he won… check out the pro recap.  I can’t believe he didn’t mention us!
  • The age group recap isn’t bad either, esp the dance moves at 3:47.  That’s me running at 5:08.
  • My tri-bike situation has yet to be resolved, so I rode my road bike.  I figured its not a bad course for it.  So I borrowed some clip-on aero bars from my buddy Kim and threw on the race wheels.  We got a few raised eyebrows from people I know, but went mostly unnoticed.  If it weren’t for the rough shifting and the loose water bottle cages, I’d consider racing on it again.  I just hope I don’t have to.
  • My ride, just add clip ons.

    • Saturday morning Tyler and I went for a ride.  We weren’t five minutes into it when we came across a female athlete who had just crashed her bike on a railroad crossing.  It was a little scary at first, she was pretty out of it, but didn’t appear to have any broken bones.  It happened right across the street from transition, so our friends Sonja and Michelle (and several other volunteers) were there in a flash (with a Kubota) to take care of her.  After a few minutes she appeared to be back to her self and on the way to a full recovery.
    • Its always such a great time meeting and catching up with my Rev3 teammates.  Its nice to never have to travel to a race alone.  It was also great to meet some new friends from Colorado, Louisiana, and Georgia.  Greg Bennett said it best on the flight in, sharing war stories over beers afterward is the best part racing.

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Professional engineer, passionate triathlete, once a runner always a runner, Husker fanatic but CO is the place to be!
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One Response to Rev3 Knoxville – Weekend Report

  1. gosonja says:

    Actually we had to transfer her to the ER. She was playing it off well, but after we got her up to the expo area she couldn’t remember where she lived or what hotel room she was in. We had to look up her emergency contact number. Thank goodness for her race wrist band that gave us her race number. She couldn’t tell us anything about herself. It was similar to when I ran into your back wheel back in the day. I assume she had a concussion (sp?).

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