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Holy crap, August is 2/3 gone and I’m still trying to figure out where July went.  Who am I kidding, I know exactly where it went.  10228 Ridgegate Circle is where it went.  Yes, back in May we decided to buy a new townhome.  I’m not entirely sure why, but it was mostly my idea.  In retrospect, the timing was just about as good as you could get, but I’d never recommend moving in between June 24th and September 9th IMs.

It seemed like we got home from IMCDA, unpacked, did laundry and then started packing up the whole house.  We spent the entire 4th of July inside stuffing boxes.  There were no fireworks because half the state was on fire, but we were particularly un-festive.  Our place wasn’t huge, but we’re pretty big on using space efficiently, so it sure seemed like a lot of crap to pack up.  Moving was also very disruptive to my Tour de France viewing.  Too many other ‘more important’ things to do… like setting up DTV service at the new house. Which we had in time for the Olympics, but were too busy unpacking, reorganizing, rearranging, and hanging, to actually sit down and watch anything other than whatever NBC chose for prime time.  I caught some swimming and track and field which are always great, and PLENTY of gymnastics, but missed both marathons, both triathlons, open water swimming, and all the bike racing.  An Olympic fail at the new Beeson house.

Ah yes, the new place.  Buying a new home, especially new construction, is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience right?  I mean once you get over that tiny little fact about taking on a tremendous amount of debt… its good debt right?  After that is supposed to be fun!  You’re getting it just the way you want it.

Wrong!  This has been the worst buying experience of my life.  I’ll try not to bore you with the details.  Its nothing even close to what my Rev3 teammate Ryan went through.  I also keep hearing that our neighbors have even more serious issues than we do.  But its had me absolutely tied in knots for weeks.  I blame the builder for everything.  I like to think of myself as pretty a pretty even keel kind of guy.  I don’t loose my temper very often, but I got into two yelling/screaming matches with our superintendent and his subcontractors in roughly 10 days.  Not only would I adamantly dissuade someone from buying a home from Century Communities, I will consider it a personal insult if anyone I know buys from them after talking with us.  Yes, its an all out smear campaign.

Throw in a bit of stress over finding a suitable renter for our old place, accommodating their schedule, touching up paint, cleaning, investigating insurance, rental contracts, etc. and July was not exactly recovery season.  As it turns out, everything with our new renter has been absolutely lovely.  We haven’t had to worry about a thing, and it didn’t even take that long to find the perfect person.  Knocking wood.

People keep asking me if I like our new house and my standard answer has been, “I’ll like it when they’re done building it.”  We’ve lived here for 5 weeks now.  But there are definitely things to like about it.

  • I can ride my bike to work in about 7 minutes and not even break a sweat.  (I haven’t yet, because I have to keep making trips home to let repair people in.  But someday this will be over and I’ll ride to work.)
  • Its very similar to our old home’s floor layout, which we always loved.  We don’t even eat at the coffee table anymore b/c you can see the TV from the dining room!  No more rearranging the furniture for poker night!
  • We have a finished basement/flex space.  The one thing that was lacking at the old place.  This is where we’re putting the rollers, trainer, TRX, pull-up bar, yoga mat, ab ball, foam roller, NormaTecPants, and then some!  It just needs a TV/DVD player.  Yes! another round of TV shopping!


    It needs a little work, but I don’t even want to think about training indoors right now…

  • The garage is huge!  Probably an extra two feet all the way around, but feels even bigger.  There’s probably room for 3-4 more bikes…
  • We have a new rec center across the street and half a block down.  Realistically, its a two minute walk.  Only 3 lap lanes, but its not big enough for a swim team, so I’m hoping it open most of the time.  Also an outdoor lap pool about 5 minutes away.


    That’s the new rec center. I’m standing at my front door. Yes!

  • New riding and running routes, trails etc.  It’ll be tough to beat the old neighborhood, but for now new is kind of exciting and that’s good enough.

Somehow I’ve managed to stay really on top of my training through all of this house crap and am feeling really good about the full IM distance at Rev3 Cedar Point.  I’m hopeful that all the house crap will be done in a few weeks and then I can actually relax and enjoy the place a bit.  It’ll be time for a party if nothing else.


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Professional engineer, passionate triathlete, once a runner always a runner, Husker fanatic but CO is the place to be!
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