I swore this wasn’t going to happen this year… my blog has turned into nothing but a string of race reports.  I don’t race often enough to justify that.  We’ve actually be doing some fun stuff worthy of sharing, but…  I’ll spare you.  I could go on and on about work but #1 – I swore a long time ago that I would bring that crap here, and #2 – no one gives a hoot anyway.

Busy work stories are every bit as bad as the time you took that bad beat in poker, or the fantasy football game(?) you lost because the other person’s obscure player scored 4 TDs or your mortal lock got hurt on the first play.  We all have those stories.  Frankly, I’d prefer to blatantly lie and tell you things are great, than try to explain to you my crappy work story.  Mostly because 9 times out of 10 it just opens the door for you to tell me your crappy work story, which I care equally little about.

I ABSOLUTELY appreciate my family and close friends who DO care about my crappy work stories!  I’m just trying to do the rest of you (and me) a favor.

If you insist, I’ll just say that I’ve spent far too much time trying to make this thing do what I want it to do…

IMG_0584… and now back to the race reports!


About acbeeson

Professional engineer, passionate triathlete, once a runner always a runner, Husker fanatic but CO is the place to be!
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One Response to Appologies….

  1. Pat Beeson says:

    I forgot to tell you that Grandpa wants to know what this picture is showing.

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