Rev3 Branson – Vacation Report

So, I have to admit that I purposely didn’t plan any races after Whistler because I’d hoped to qualify for Kona.   I’m definitely a planner, so this type of self inflicted torture was really wearing thin leading up the race.  Afterwards, it actually felt good to start planning again.  Rev3 Branson was a natural choice, race with my team, support our title sponsor, direct flights from Denver to Branson on Frontier (at a reasonable price, too), and we have some family friends that live an hour or so away.

My mom had previously dropped the phrase, “we’re ready to go somewhere in October”.  So I called to see if she wanted to come down and meet up with her cousin.  A day or two later a family vacation was born, mom, dad, my sister, brother-in-law, two of their kids, and mom’s cousins were planning a weekend in Branson.  I really started to look forward to it, Rev3 events are great for family and kids and Branson has plenty for young and old alike.  You know, when the race isn’t entertaining enough.  Branson has a great little riverfront shopping and dining area that covered both the finish and expo/T2.  I’m not sure about the rest of the family, but I enjoyed watching finishers from the restaurant patio with a beer, chips and quac.


Glow Run = fun for everyone!


You’re never too old to make a fool of yourself, your niece, or brother.


The smiles got even bigger when we started moving!


How can that be anything but fun?


Race mornings are early.
This is also as close as Nick got to being on camera. He was behind it most of the weekend.


Anna with Pam and Shirley, who we don’t see often enough these days.


Grandpa Fred even got in the act.


The big finish with Anna and Logan!
Hopefully, Eli will be finishing with me soon.


Post race celebration begins!

For years, I’ve wondered why my parents came to these events.  Track meets I can understand, but cross-country, marathons, triathlons, IDK?  A 5 hr event where I’m in view for a grand total of 173 seconds?  It’s just never added up to me.  But now that my niece and nephews are old enough to join in the fun, its starting to make sense.  I certainly don’t get to see them enough, but I’m glad they’re being exposed to these events.  Mom and Dad are half marathoners (and soon to be marathoners) as well.  I’m doing things I didn’t even know existed when I was their age.  Its fun to show them what is possible.  Who knows what they’ll be doing when they’re my age.

A quick apology to my St. Louis friends; next year I’ll provide more notice.  It would be great to meet up in Branson.  I’ll even try to give you enough time to start training….


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Professional engineer, passionate triathlete, once a runner always a runner, Husker fanatic but CO is the place to be!
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One Response to Rev3 Branson – Vacation Report

  1. Emily says:

    yeah! more notice for your STL friends would be much appreciated!!! great race though, nice work!!

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