I’ve been playing sports as long as I can remember, every recess was a football or basketball game.  My first memory of ‘running’ was racing my friend Matt Harris home from elementary school.  He rode the cross-town bus, I ran.  Football faded and I found my love for running in high school cross-country and track. I was fortunate enough to continue to run for a few more years in college (Div III).  Eventually, academics took over.  I transferred, got an engineering degree, started working, and got a masters degree at night.  I rarely even looked at my running shoes for several years.

The great folks at Team In Training got my running juices flowing again with my first marathon in 2001.  I moved to Colorado in 2003 and continued to run.  In 2006, I tried my first triathlon.  Since then, it has supplanted running as my athletic passion.

Endurance athletics have given, and continue to give me amazing experiences and opportunities throughout my life.  Thanks for indulging me as I try to share them with you!


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