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Professional engineer, passionate triathlete, once a runner always a runner, Husker fanatic but CO is the place to be!

2014 Race Plan

One of the fun things that has happened over the last few months has been coming up with a race schedule for the 2014 season.  I could go on and on about why these events and not others, but you … Continue reading

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First of all, it has occurred to me that my previous post may not have come off as intended.  I don’t like to complain about these types of things, because life happens.  It happens to everyone, everyday, and there are … Continue reading

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Enough Already

Its been a tough winter here in Beeson Camp.  Off-season training has certainly taken more of a back seat than usual.  Our weather hasn’t been nearly as bad as the midwest, east coast, or even southeast.  But we’ve had an … Continue reading

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Mickelson Trail Ride

Obviously, I wasn’t writing much at this time last year, but there were plenty of cool things going on.  One such thing was a Mickelson Trail Ride.  My wife’s sister and her husband live in South Dakota’s black hills.  They … Continue reading

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Rev3 Anderson – Happy to be Alive

Saturday morning I was standing around the practice swim, waiting for the BlueSeventy worst wetsuit competition, talking with some Rev3 teammates and staff.  Eric, our race director asks me, “So, Anthony, why are you doing this race?” I couldn’t really … Continue reading

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Rev3 Cedar Point 2012 – My First DNF

So I never really got around to publishing this one last year.  But I had to write about my first DNF before I could write about my second.  Please forgive the mixed up tense.  I started and stopped writing this … Continue reading

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Outside the Lanes

Usually, I’m pretty excited when triathlon makes it into the mainstream sports media.  I think it’s great when media giants like ESPN take notice of what we’re up to.  However, I don’t subscribe to the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ … Continue reading

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Rev3 Branson – Race Report

My training after Whistler left a little to be desired, to say the least.  All that work stuff that ebbed just before Whistler, really started flowing when I got back.  I joked that I’d become a weekend warrior, only finding … Continue reading

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Rev3 Branson – Vacation Report

So, I have to admit that I purposely didn’t plan any races after Whistler because I’d hoped to qualify for Kona.   I’m definitely a planner, so this type of self inflicted torture was really wearing thin leading up the race.  … Continue reading

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IM Canada – Race Report

First a quick summary of the Whistler IM Canada course: split transitions with mass transit to the swim for athletes (no cars for spectators).  Deep-water, mass start, two loop lake swim.  The bike course goes out of town, uphill, for … Continue reading

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